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Property Conveyancing.

Although, basically, the purchase or sale of a real property may appear to be a simple transaction, you should not yield to the temptation of lowering the cost by dispensing with the services of an professional expert in the field, all the more so if the real property is located outside the country of your habitual residence.

The fees of an expert in real-estate law are negligible when compared to the cost you may well incur as a result of your ignorance of the formalities established by our legislation and the headaches resulting from the complications that are likely to arise and would have been easy to avoid by employing the services of a professional.

Contracting the services of our specialised firm is synonymous to a purchase with the best possible guarantee, as it is our main aim to safeguard our clients’ interests.

At we will guide you through the entire process of the purchase and sale and inform you on all formalities to be fulfilled and the approximate cost of the transaction.

We will carry out a thorough investigation of every aspect concerning the property you are interested in, making sure that the person from whom you will acquire the property is indeed its legal owner and that the real property is free of occupants or leaseholders; likewise, we will verify whether the property is actually free of charges and up to date in the payment of local rates and taxes, quotas of the community of owners, supplies, etc.

We will represent you in your negotiations with the other party and will draw up and / or analyse in depth the private contract of purchase and sale, in order to make sure that it complies with the legal guarantees and benefits your interests as much as possible; we will accompany you to the Notary Office for the execution of the public deed, acting on your behalf in case you are unable to be present in person; we will settle the relevant taxes and see to the inscription of the ownership title in the register and, if you wish, we will take care of the formalities required to contract supplies, direct debits of the payments, etc., acting in your name and on your behalf in the defence of your interests in our country whenever you so require.